What’s out there?

Here is a summary of recent interesting cases from around our network of laboratories:

AucklandTrichomoniasis in multiple wild pigeons and doves; Chlamydiosis in doves; 1080 toxicity in cattle; Osteopenia in lambs causing fractures; Mycoplasma ovis in anaemic sheep.
HamiltonZinc toxicity in cattle; Yersiniosis in weaners; Salmonella Typhimurium in cattle; Nitrate toxicity in cattle.
Palmerston North Chronic acorn toxicity in cattle mimicking BVD; Zinc toxicity in cattle; Renal failure in Hereford weaners due to superphosphate toxicity.
ChristchurchAspergillosis in Kakapo; Yersiniosis in deer; Hookworm in dog; Salmonella Brandenburg abortion in cattle; Nitrate poisoning; Lead toxicity in wild birds.
DunedinSevere lungworm outbreak in weaner deer; Outbreak of Marek’s in layer flock North Otago.