What’s hot, what’s not?

Our website has been running in it’s new format for just over a year now, and looking at the metrics, it would seem the changes we made to the site flow have made a positive impact!

The biggest changes we made to our website were removing the need to log in to access the vet information, and making our online shop more user friendly. Consequently, our website is now attracting a lot more traffic and the use of our online shop has increased dramatically.  We’re completely stoked that you are finding the new format much easier to use!

So what were the hottest website pages during September?

1. About us (up 23% on September 2019)

2. Useful info & forms (visits up 37%)

3. Veterinary handbook (visits up 94%!)

The increased use of our online Vet Handbook is really FANTASTIC! The handbook contains so much amazing information and is reviewed by our team of pathologists on a regular basis.  It is a resource you should bookmark and refer to often—hopefully most, if not all of your questions can be answered right there.  Simply hit the search button on our website and let it do the hard work for you!

You’ll also be pleased to know that your clients are checking us out too, and our pet owners pageWhy is pathology important” is in the top 10 pages, with visits up a whopping 257% on September last year!  Hopefully this is having a flow-on effect and is encouraging owners to bring their pets to their local veterinarian for check-ups and wellness testing.

And what were the hottest consumable items ordered during September?

1. 70mL sample containers

2. 1.3mL red top mini-tubes

3. 35mL sample containers

Do you order online?  You can buy one tube or 50, easy as. Check it out here today.