Welcome to our new look website!

Since December 2018 we have been working on upgrading our website on the WordPress platform.  It has been a big project, so it is super exciting to have it live and available for you all to use.

As well as being on a new platform it also has a fresh new look, a better flow, plus we’ve rearranged things slightly so the most commonly used pages are now more accessible.

The following are some of the key improvements made to the website which we hope will make your browsing experience that much better:

– You no longer need to log in to access all of our fabulous information sheets, submission forms, the Vet Handbook and other material. You can now either read information online, or download a copy to read later and/or pass around your clinic.

– Online consumable ordering has been simplified and it’s a breeze to place an order online.  So try it out instead of emailing through a form.  Invoicing will still occur at month end.

– You will only need to log-in if you wish to download our consumables order form, or place an order online. The first time you do either of these tasks you will be prompted to register for a user account (please note, your username and password from our previous site cannot be used here). Simply create a new account and you will be all set to place orders.

– Our Vet Handbook has also been updated by our wonderful team of pathologists and now includes information on all of our new tests, as well as the old. Feel free to use this reference guide online, or download a section or the whole thing if required.

– Our latest news along with articles from our newsletters now feature on our homepage below the main banner.  So check back often to catch up what’s happening.

We hope you find it much easier to use and are able to find the everything you need.  As expected we are ironing out a few teething problems this week, so if you strike any issues be sure and get in touch.