Webinars in "bubbles"

In order to help support you, our veterinary clients whilst in lockdown, we have collaborated with the Lincoln Institute to run a series six of complimentary continuing education webinars.  And what a success they’ve been!

The webinars have covered a interesting mix of clinical subjects together with some management and practice related issues that everyone in the team will find useful.  The feedback received has been absolutely great—we’re so very glad you are finding them informative and interesting.

As well as having the interactive live webinar sessions, the recorded versions are also available on our website and will remain there for you to enjoy at your leisure.  Here is a summary of the webinars we’ve had so far:

1. 22 April 2020 – Kathryn Jenkins shared some “Cytology Tips on how to maximise a diagnostic sample” with a focus on FNA technique. Lincoln Institute Director Dr Gary Turnbull addressed “The concerning global trend of veterinarians leaving their profession prematurely” and specifically how this is linked to the potential for some vets to have a level of discomfort making thorough clinical recommendations such as diagnostic investigations. 

“WOW, what an awesome presentation last night – your enthusiasm is so infectious.  Love the hair dryer tip! DB.”

2. 30 April 2020 – Michael Hardcastle covered how to take “Diagnostic skin and mass biopsies from horses”, including endometrial biopsies. Mike’s presentation included: indications, planning, collection, sample handling and submission to the laboratory, plus classification and considerations for interpreting results. Lincoln Institute’s Dr Gary Turnbull  explored the fundamental nature of “Conflict in veterinary practice…. managing angry and emotional clients and colleagues”. This leadership training is a must for all team members.

“Thank you so much for sharing so much excellent information during the webinar last night. There were all sorts of absolute gems in there. SB.

3. 6 May 2020 – Kathryn Jenkins presented “The secret life of blood smears” – sharing some tips on making and examining blood smears, with some case examples demonstrating the value of blood smear examination in companion animals. There was another run of Lincoln Institute’s Dr Gary Turnbull’s presentation on “Conflict in veterinary practice…. managing angry and emotional clients and colleagues”. 

“The whole webinar was outstanding! DA.”

4. 13 May 2020 – Geoff Orbell covered “Cutting the crap with calf scours“. Geoff’s presentation is all about learning to improve your diagnostic hit rate for infectious causes of calf scours through better understanding of why histology and sacrificial post-mortems can be critical tools. Back by popular demand, Gary Turnbull’s presentation on Conflict in Veterinary Practice had another airing.

“I found the webinars very enjoyable and relevant. I especially liked the discussions on veterinary staff attrition and the reasons why. Techniques for dealing with conflict are also extremely relevant in clinical practice and it is something we are not formally taught but really need to work out to survive in the industry. JK.”

5. 20 May 2020 – Amy Weeden presented  “Biochemistry screening in geriatric cats and dogs”. Amy covered the clinical tests we commonly use to screen our older pets for disease; discussing next diagnostic step options when we do find abnormalities and answering some commonly asked questions regarding this important topic.  Lincoln Institute’s Gary Turnbull explored “Feedback –  tell them what you really think!” Gary explained how mastering the art of feedback, particularly when the conversation may be difficult, is the key to better relationships, excellent team culture and ultimately achieving high performance in veterinary practice. 

6. 27 May 2020 – John Gill will be presenting on “An update on trace element testing in dairy cattle”. He will be sharing a collection of observations on trace element testing for both deficiencies and toxicities covering – copper, selenium, cobalt, iodine and vitamin E.  Lincoln Institute’s Dr Gary Turnbull will again explore “Feedback—tell them what you really think!”

So no matter you’ve missed out on the whole series or just a couple, you can watch the recorded sessions at anytime— simply visit the CPD page on our website, get comfortable and line them up.

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