Warning to veterinarians – Salmonella Brandenburg in North Island!

Although cases of salmonellosis in production animals are not uncommon in the North Island, Salmonella Brandenburg has historically only been a problem in the South Island of New Zealand.  However, a case of S. Brandenburg has recently been identified in the North Island (Taranaki region), in association with an outbreak of bovine abortion.

Salmonella Brandenburg most commonly causes abortion in both sheep and cattle (often following a short illness in the dam). The fetus is often rotten, causing dystocia requiring assistance which increases the risk of human exposure and zoonotic infection.  

It is recommended protective clothing, masks etc. be used as uterine/fetal fluids can contain high concentrations of Salmonella and therefore pose a risk to human health.

Large numbers of heifers can be affected on a property. Aborting heifers/cows often fail to come into milk production. In addition, scouring and death of affected sheep and cattle (including calves) can occur.

If you have any questions please contact your local Gribbles Veterinary laboratory.