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All the information you need regarding production animal testing in one place.  Please choose from the options below and if you have any questions please just give us a call or contact us at any time.  

Information sheets – Ovine
MineralCheck testing information

The MineralCheck package of tests will enable veterinarians to diagnose and prevent mineral deficiencies, gross nutritional inadequacies and production limiting diseases in farmed animals. The full MineralCheck package is designed to provide, by simultaneously testing animal and dietary samples, in-depth information for interpretation. However the package is also highly versatile. Each test can be used individually or with other tests relevant to the particular circumstances.

The objective of this guide is to provide information in a format which assists veterinarians to provide high quality advice to their farmer clients. For a brief summary of the number of samples to collect and reference ranges for the various species see the appendix at the end of this document.

Facial eczema reports 2019

Recording surface soil temps is of immense value in assessing the risk of facial eczema. Farmers could benefit from carrying a probe type soil thermometer in their farm vehicles which is a very worthwhile tool in assessing the risk of FE.   They are also a good tool to check soil temps in the spring before sowing crops or pastures.  Soil thermometers are available on order from most good garden shops.

Reporting for the 2019 season commenced 10 January.  Please email all spore counts to by 2pm each Thursday. 

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  • Spore counts of zero will not appear on the graphs, but will still be recorded as data received.
  • If outlying high results are received, the y-axis on the graphs will be converted to a logarithmic scale so data at the lower end of the scale can still be read clearly.

For access to reports prior to this time please contact us.