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Salmonella abortions in cattle

LISA HULME-MOIR This month has seen two cases from the Northland and Taranaki districts involving late-term abortions due to Salmonella Bovismorbificans. In both instances, mixed-age dairy cattle were involved and in one case, eight of the nine cattle aborting did not show any observable clinical signs other than having dead near full-term calves. The aborted […]

Case of the month

AMY WEEDEN Clinical history: An adult, castrated male, Oriental breed cat presented with severe diarrhoea and cachexia.  Abdominal ultrasound revealed several abnormalities to include mild diffuse small intestinal changes, moderate hepatopathy/hepatomegaly, bilateral chronic renal degeneration, and trace peritoneal effusion. Laboratory results: Serum biochemistry identified azotaemia and hyperbilirubinaemia with a moderate non-regenerative anaemia and an inflammatory […]

Calf scour testing

With the calving season kicking off in many areas of the country, calf scours are soon to be on our doorstep. Gribbles Veterinary has a range of testing options including calf scour panels tailored to the age of the animals. Our expert team of pathologists are always happy to assist with selecting the most appropriate […]

Can we have a blood smear with that?

Thank you to all clinics that provide blood smears together with their EDTA samples for CBC testing.  An essential part of any complete blood count is the examination of a blood smear. The blood smear may provide more information concerning the patient’s diagnosis or state of treatment than any other blood test. All EDTA blood […]

Have you axed your fax?

Outdated and unsuited for the modern working environment, fax machines have proven to be ineffective and inefficient compared to digital alternatives. With in-built security flaws and excessive resource wastage, there is almost no place for them any longer in our businesses. Fax machines were conceived in the 1800s, popularised in the 1970s and supplanted in […]

NSAID monitoring – special offer!

Once long-term non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) therapy has commenced in a pet, monitoring their health status is very important. Changes in health status caused by concurrent diseases may increase the risk of NSAID-related toxicities and progression of a disease causing chronic pain may change the requirement for ongoing analgesia. Most NSAID-related adverse events in dogs occur […]

June “Paws, claws & udder things” newsletter

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BVD bulk milk portal

Gribbles Veterinary’s Bulk Milk Portal is an exciting new feature that will help reduce the administration load when carrying out bulk milk testing for your farmers. At the start of July 2020 this programme will be available to all Gribbles Veterinary customers. The bulk milk portal allows for online ordering of bulk milk BVD, ostertagia […]

Looking after our seniors

Winter is always a good time to check up on the wellness of our senior friends and we have the perfect custom panels for the job! Our discounted Senior Pet Check panels are designed to detect common geriatric changes and the onset of age related issues, enabling remedial action to be taken.  So if your […]

What's out there

Here is a summary of recent interesting cases from around our network of laboratories: LaboratoryDiseasesAucklandAvocado toxicity in a goat; Infectious canine hepatitis in a puppy; Listeria abortion in a monkey; Nitrate toxicity; Salmonella abortion in bovine herdHamiltonNitrate toxicity; Babesiosis in cat (travel from South Africa); Listeria abortion in sheep; Yersiniosis in young cattlePalmerston NorthCysticercus bovis […]