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BVD PCR testing options – what to select

When checking the BVD status of your herd, several testing options are available on our submission form that will cover most situations: Antigen ELISA testing The antigen ELISA test is suitable for testing of individual animals. > Ear notch samples can be from animals of any age> Serum samples can only be tested if the animals are […]

Consumable of the month

Do you order laboratory consumable items from us online or via our order form?  If you need just one blood tube or swab, or enough for a herd, we’ve got you covered. Our featured consumable items in September are Bio-bottles for shipping samples. Bio-bottles are the recommended container for sending biological samples to the laboratory […]

Case of the month

GEOFF ORBELL Clinical history: Fourteen rising 1-year-old beef bulls and steers died suddenly over a 24-hour period five days after being yarded for drenching (pour-on) and castration. The cattle had been bought up from the South Island (in February) for finishing and had reportedly been previously vaccinated twice for clostridial disease prior to transport. Both […]

A picture is worth a thousand words

MICHAEL HARDCASTLE As veterinarians we are trained to describe lesions accurately, but sometimes language can fail, however “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Therefore, the submission of images alongside a written history is always encouraged and welcomed for every case we receive at the laboratory. When to submit images The site of biopsies and […]

Sample preparation for histology

RAMONA EIHOLZER To ensure your histology samples reach us in the best possible condition for processing and interpretation, we have some tips for how the samples need to be handled before you send them to us. > Samples to be submitted for histology must be fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin, in a 10:1 ratio of […]

Spring into spring!

With our “same as last year” trace element test pricing, it is a great opportunity to ensure transitional and pre-mating herds are in peak condition for the spring season. Mix ‘n match trace element tests as needed to suit each farm’s requirements.  Recommended spring trace elements: = BOH or NEFA (x10) – Indicator of negative energy […]

Necropsy in Alert Level 3 & 4

No post-mortem examinations are available until our laboratories are in Level 2, unless you have discussed the case with one of our pathologists prior. Our pathologists are working from home (as much as possible per lock-down regulations), so please give us a call before sending in cadavers. Thank you for your consideration, and stay safe.

Shipping delays with FIP reagents

Due to delays with shipping of our order of kits for FIP antibody titre testing, we have unfortunately run out of stock in the laboratory. At this stage the supplier has been unable to provide us with an expected delivery date. All samples received for testing will referred to an external subcontractor for testing. Testing […]

Alert level 3 & 4 update

All of our laboratories (and Fond Farewells cremation service) will be operating under Alert Level 3 & 4 as we are an essential service. > Some turn-around-times may be longer due to COVID personnel change requirements> There may be some delays with externally referred tests as subcontractors may be closed> Post-mortem services are only available […]

Ear notch sampling

Ear notch tissue is an ideal sample for BVD testing on animals of all ages (for PCR and antigen ELISA testing).  We’ve now made it easy for you to take samples using a reliable method that is quick, safe, user-friendly, easy to transport and efficient for us to process in the laboratory. Introducing the Allflex […]