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*NEW* regional trace element trends

In April 2019 we upgraded our trace element reporting to include cumulative results for routine screening.  This year our outstanding team of programmers have gone an extra step, and we are now able to report cumulative results for a farm PLUS local regional trends for a specific trace element. Cumulative reporting can be used to […]

Case of the month

Clinical history: A seven-year-old female rabbit was presented for a  swelling on the right hind limb, which was worsening after being first noticed two weeks previously. At presentation, the rabbit had muscle atrophy in both hind limbs, with a hairless, nodular mass noted directly above the right calcaneus. The mass was sampled by fine needle […]

eResults – don’t be the last to switch!

We’ve had OUTSTANDING feedback from so many customers who have made the switch to our new eResults platform, but we know there are a few stragglers who are still using the old app.  So don’t be like the last person with their party hat still on, make the change today! One of the reasons we […]

Welcome back Paul

Paul Fitzmaurice has re-joined the Gribbles Veterinary team for a fixed term covering the Production Animal Category Manager position, while Rachel Whitehead takes a leave of absence. Paul is no stranger to many of you as he was Laboratory Manager of the Palmerston North Gribbles Veterinary laboratory from September 2017 until February 2019.  Paul has […]

New production animal submission form available!

We’ve just updated this submission form and the new version has been loaded to our website under VET INFO / FORMS & USEFUL INFO. So feel free to fill it out electronically and print out, or save a customised copy for your clinic, or simply print when required! It includes all the new testing options […]

We’re closed Labour day Monday

Monday is a public holiday so all of our laboratories will be closed for the day, but we will be open business as usual on Saturday We hope you enjoy the long weekend and have time to recharge your batteries after a pretty stressful few months. See you all again on Tuesday!

Bordetella cases in Auckland area

Bordetella bronchiseptica has been isolated from a couple of cats in the Auckland region over the last few weeks. One case was from an 8-week-old kitten that had collapsed overnight,  the x-ray revealed pneumonia and the kitten died within 3 hours.  The second case was from an 11-month-old cat with a cough and broncho-interstitial pattern […]

What’s hot, what’s not?

Our website has been running in it’s new format for just over a year now, and looking at the metrics, it would seem the changes we made to the site flow have made a positive impact! The biggest changes we made to our website were removing the need to log in to access the vet […]

Bulk milk BVD testing reminder!

Gribbles Veterinary has all the tools to simplify tracking BVD on-farm, and it’s all available from the comfort of your clinic or armchair.  No need to fill out forms or go on-farm to collect samples. Our selection of Herd Guardian bulk milk BVD packages together with our new BVD bulk milk portal, herd testing for […]

Fancy a needle with that?

There are many sample types that need to be collected with a syringe and needle.  Our online Veterinary Handbook covers sample collection requirements for cytology and urinalysis, and interestingly enough, we don’t once mention that we’d like to receive a needle with any of these fluids or biopsies! Surprisingly often, we receive needles on syringes […]