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Our monthly client newsletter, Paws, Claws and Udder Things, includes information about emerging animal health issues, new tests and services, continuing professional development opportunities and tips for getting the most out of your local laboratory. To view and download back issues of Paws, Claws and Udder Things select from the volumes below: If you would […]

Salmonella study

Information for veterinarians Cases of Salmonella in the dairy industry have been increasing over recent years. Whilst this increase has been moderate with both Salmonella Typhimurium and S. Brandenburg, it has been significant with S. Bovismorbificans, which has seen a dramatic and sustained increase in cases since 2015 with a concomitant increase in human and […]

Proof-reading fail!

Even though we know ENLOSED isn’t actually a word, we figured there was no point discarding thousands of stickers because we had a proof-read fail and missed out a C. So feel free to have a bit of a laugh (if you’ve noticed the mistake), and still use them on your progesterone sample bags! We […]

Dogs, lymphoma and ICC

SUNAO FUJITA Immunocytochemistry (ICC) is an adjunct diagnostic tool, which helps to identify cellular origin utilizing the accuracy of antibody-antigen binding. In comparison with immunohistochemistry (IHC), which is more commonly used in both human and veterinary medicine, ICC is not routinely exploited for the classification of a variety of neoplastic lesions. However, ICC has the […]

Case of the month

KATHRYN JENKINS Fine needle aspiration (FNA) can quickly and easily identify whether an enlarged lymph node is hyperplastic/reactive, inflamed, or neoplastic (e.g. lymphoma). It can also aid in the identification of potential metastatic disease (e.g. mast cell tumours, carcinoma, histiocytic sarcoma), and can also identify uncommon infectious agents. A recent case highlighted the usefulness of […]

Consumable of the month

Do you order laboratory consumable items from us online or via our order form?  If you need just one blood tube or swab, or enough for a herd, we’ve got you covered. Our featured consumable item in July is faecal egg counts (FEC) kits. These kits contain everything you require for collecting samples for multiple […]

Liver sampling

ROB FAIRLEY When sampling the liver for histology (especially for cases with known liver disease) it is helpful to take multiple pieces and it is really helpful to make sure that what you select includes some decent-sized bile ductules. Facial eczema, for example, preferentially affects the larger ductules. Some livers may have really badly affected […]

Thanks for participating!

In our May newsletter we gave you the option of participating in a very short survey to help us better understand how you prefer to receive our news and updates.  Thank you to everyone who took part and provided feedback! This feedback will help us tailor our content and the way the information is delivered […]

Can’t log in to place an order?

If you’re after some consumables, but can’t log in to our online shop to place the order, here are the most common reasons why: 1. You haven’t set up a user account with us yet (this is different to your eResults account). Simply follow the instructions on the Consumable Ordering page and you’ll be set-up in […]

Our favourite consumable item

Do you order laboratory consumable items from us online or via our order form?  If you need just one blood tube or swab, or enough for a herd, we’ve got you covered. Our featured consumable item in June is PARAFILM®.  Parafilm is a versatile, moisture-resistant, flexible plastic for a wide variety of clinical and industrial […]

The ins and outs of immunohistochemistry

CRISTINA GANS It’s becoming more common in recent years for pathologists to issue a histology report which recommends the use of immunohistochemistry (IHC). I’ve frequently been asked: what is IHC and why do we need it? Immunohistochemistry is a molecular technique which can be used for the diagnosis and prognosis of specific tumours and for […]