VetAlert! ..or not?

Gribbles Veterinary offers veterinary clinic staff the option of requesting notification by text message when their urgent laboratory results are complete.

The VetAlert service is provided free of charge and is particularly useful to large animal veterinarians working in the field, with little or no access to e-mail, allowing them to contact the clinic or laboratory to receive their results verbally as soon as they are finalised.

Recipients will be advised to check eResults  for their urgent report or a simple normal or high (we are limited to 160 characters so can’t supply full results).  This enables veterinarians to make decisions about urgent cases which may otherwise have had to wait until you return to the clinic in person.

In order for you to be able to easily request this service, a VetAlert check box is included on all of our submission forms.  Used together with our wonderful online results service, eResults, you have complete access to all your results the minute they become available, no matter where you are.

However, we often strike issues with illegible mobile phone numbers, and end up sending the alerts to unsuspecting strangers!  So in order for you to make the most of this fabulous add-on service from Gribbles Veterinary, please always ensure your mobile phone number written on the submission form is clear and easy to read. We recommend inserting some breaks in your mobile number to make it easier to read e.g. 027 123 4567 rather than 0271234567.