Bulk milk BVD testing reminder!

Gribbles Veterinary has all the tools to simplify tracking BVD on-farm, and it’s all available from the comfort of your clinic or armchair.  No need to fill out forms or go on-farm to collect samples. Our selection of Herd Guardian bulk milk BVD packages together with our new BVD bulk milk portal, herd testing for […]

BVD bulk milk portal

Gribbles Veterinary’s Bulk Milk Portal is an exciting new feature that will help reduce the administration load when carrying out bulk milk testing for your farmers. At the start of July 2020 this programme will be available to all Gribbles Veterinary customers. The bulk milk portal allows for online ordering of bulk milk BVD, ostertagia […]

Herd about our bulk-milk BVD packages?

Our flexible, tailored bulk-milk testing packages are perfect for checking the BVD status of milking herds. No on-farm sampling is required and results are available the minute they are completed via Gribbles’ eResults (as well as via email or direct upload into your clinic’s practice management software).  So enable your farmers to guard their herd […]