Feline herpesvirus dermatitis

BERNIE VAATSTRA A 12-year-old female neutered Domestic Short-hair cat developed a raised, crusted, circular lesion on the right upper lip. The lesion was pruritic and did not respond to treatment with glucocorticoids. An incisional biopsy was submitted for histopathology. Histopathology findings: The epidermis was focally ulcerated and crusted (Figure 1). The dermis was infiltrated by […]

Bordetella cases in Auckland area

Bordetella bronchiseptica has been isolated from a couple of cats in the Auckland region over the last few weeks. One case was from an 8-week-old kitten that had collapsed overnight,  the x-ray revealed pneumonia and the kitten died within 3 hours.  The second case was from an 11-month-old cat with a cough and broncho-interstitial pattern […]