Real-time facial eczema reports

Our new facial eczema online portal was rolled out in December and it’s been a huge success! This exciting new online tool makes submitting, saving, and tracking your facial eczema spore counts a breeze over the summer months.

Filling out forms and emailing is so last year, simply enter your data directly into our portal and you’re done.  The lab-portal gives you direct online access to the facial eczema spore count data and reports for your region.

In the lab portal you can:

· Submit spore counts*

· View the current facial eczema status in real-time—including number of counts submitted, maximum and average counts in your region and throughout New Zealand.

· Save your favourite spore count spots and track the changes week-to-week and year-on-year.*

As a result of client feedback, we have already made a significant number of improvements to the portal over the past three weeks. Thank you to everyone using it and for suggesting how we can make it better.

So if you would like to see how fabulous it is,  head on over and check it out!

Want to submit spore counts?* You will need to register for a user account to for this, but it is painless and easy.  Simply fill out the registration form, wait for it to be confirmed and you’re all set.

Need user instructions for the portal?  Find easy to follow instructions on our website here.

Only interested in viewing the reports?  Easy. No user account is required and you can find the reports here on the public access page.  You can give this link to your farming clients so they can view the reports directly.

You’d like to use the graphs in your client newsletter?  No problem. You can save/copy them directly from the portal and paste into your document (but we’d really appreciate you crediting us for providing them).

If you have any questions or have any issues with the portal, please just get in touch.  Call us on 0800 GRIBBLES or email at and we’ll get you sorted.