QA programme

QA programme

– Quality Assurance programme for clinic analysers

As one of the growing number of clinics who have installed their own analyser, you will be aware of the need for quality control (QC) of your test results in order to feel confident in your analyser and the service you are providing to your clients. It is likely that you run commercial QC samples regularly, as recommended by the provider of your analyser.

Regular QC checks enable you to build up a history of your instrument’s repeatability, enhancing your confidence in the instrument, and alerting you when your analyser may be drifting or requires servicing.

In order to support your internal QC checks, Gribbles Veterinary offers an external quality assurance (QA) programme allowing you to compare the accuracy of your results with other participating clinics and laboratories.

The QA Programme:

  • Ten times a year (February – November) a QA sample will be sent out to your clinic for testing.
  • You will test the sample according to your normal testing protocol and record your results on-line.
  • Results for each analyte tested will be collated and report will be available on-line, or by email if preferred.
  • Reports will include a short summary for each analyte, along with graphical representation of your performance. You can see at a glance how your results compare with your group (analyser type) and with all results, including those from all Gribbles Veterinary laboratories.
  • Should your results show significant variance from the group mean, our biochemistry technical staff are available to help you identify possible causes, and offer advice on corrective actions.
  • Refer to our current price book for the annual programme or individual submission costs.
  • To participate in this QA programme, simply contact your local Gribbles Veterinary laboratory or complete the application form below.

Random Checks:

Many clinics run their quality control material monthly, and periodically send a duplicate sample to our laboratories for confidence checks or whenever their results don’t appear correct. Gribbles Veterinary is happy to continue to provide this service for you.

  • Results will be provided in the same format as patient results.
  • Random checks will be charged at the current list price for the tests or panel requested.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact your local Gribbles Veterinary laboratory or your Territory Manager.