Our one-stop-shop!

Our fabulous online ‘Lab Portal’ is rapidly gaining popularity and we’re upping it’s game yet again. So if bulk milk testing, eResults or facial eczema are part of your daily life, read on and let us make your day!

Since July 2020 our online BVD Bulk Milk Portal has helped reduce the administration load when carrying out bulk milk testing for your farmers.  At the end of last year we added online Facial Eczema reporting to the same portal, so that submitting, saving, and tracking your facial eczema spore counts over the summer months was a breeze.  Plus the portal also has a link to our very handy eResults!

Thanks to great feedback received from our regular users, we are now ready to roll out extra functionality to the bulk milk section of the Lab Portal.  We have made the following upgrades:

>> Reports can now be sent to multiple vets in your practice.

>>  If vets work at several clinics, you can now select the correct clinic to add to your collection requests.

>> Extra filters are now available to enable you to easily see of all your orders booked for the upcoming season, which farmers are about to be tested in the coming weeks, whether the sample has been received at the laboratory, and if testing is complete.

The link to our Lab Portal can be found on our website homepage, or if you have it saved as a favourite, please ensure the link takes you to the new Lab Portal address and remove your link to our old one (if it has UAT in the web address it’s the old portal).  

First time you’re hearing about any of these amazing free products? Please just head on over to the portal and register for a user account today.