Off-shore testing issues

There are several tests we offer that are not available in New Zealand and we must refer overseas for testing. All things being equal, the export of samples and receipt of results has been honed to a smooth operation.  However, as we all know, life in the time of COVID has left many things far from equal.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic created chaos world-wide we have (unsurprisingly) had issues when sending samples overseas for testing—courier issues and customs clearance  issues predominantly.  Unfortunately we are subsequently having trouble tracking down missing samples once we are aware they have not reached their destination.

Given this current unreliable service, we do not recommend submitting samples that need to be referred overseas for testing.

The following tests will be affected:

· Allercept serum IgE allergy testing

· Acetylcholine receptor antibodies (Myasthenia gravis)

· Adrenal panel (for atypical Cushing’s disease in dogs)

· Canine insulin

· Encephalitozoon cuniculi serology

· Erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency

· Lupoid dermatosis

· Feline TLI

· Fucocidosis

· Hyperuricosuria

· Inhibin

· Mast cell tumour panel

· Masticatory muscle myositis (2M antibody)

· Mycobacteria PCR

· Pachecos PCR


If you have any questions or would like further information, please just give us a call at any time on 0800 GRIBBLES.  We’re always happy to help.