New price books

If you missed out on the email regarding our new price book (effective 1 July 2021), you can find a link below to request a copy of the PDF.

In an effort to help save our planet by avoiding all the nasties associated with printing (not to mention the trees), we are only doing a VERY small print run of hard copies of the price book.

There are many advantages to the electronic version that make life so much easier for you in clinic:

>> You can save a copy to every PC in your clinic or onto your practice network.
>> Everyone in the clinic can access a copy at the same time.
>> You can save it to your device and take it on the road.
>> You can use the search function to find tests much faster than with a hard copy.
>> It never gets lost and is always exactly where you left it.

So before you request a hard copy, please think about why you want one, and do you really need it? Help reduce our impact on the environment by sticking with the electronic version.

Request your electronic copy of our new 2021 price book here (only available for registered veterinary clients).