Have you requested the right T4 test?

There’s nothing worse than getting a test result for something you didn’t realise you’d asked for! So let’s ‘check’ our T4’s . . .

Frequently we get requests for Free-T4 on submission forms and find out after the results have been issued that a Total-T4 was the test required.

In order to minimise the risk of the wrong T4 test being requested, Total-T4 features at the top of the list under Endocrinology on our submission form.

Since it is not practical for us to call each clinic when Free-T4 requests are received, we ask that your clinic staff take extra care when checking the test boxes on our forms. Free-T4 is an expensive test to run and we are not necessarily able to reimburse the cost of this test each time it is requested in error.

If the endocrinology section of the companion animal submission forms in use in your clinic does not match that shown below, please contact your local laboratory and they will be able to send you out the current version of our companion animal submission pad to use.

PS. As much as we’d love to give away testing for free, a Free-T4 isn’t free of charge it is simply unbound T4 in circulation!  Find more information regarding thyroid function testing in our Vet handbook here.