Have you axed your fax?

Outdated and unsuited for the modern working environment, fax machines have proven to be ineffective and inefficient compared to digital alternatives. With in-built security flaws and excessive resource wastage, there is almost no place for them any longer in our businesses.

Fax machines were conceived in the 1800s, popularised in the 1970s and supplanted in the late 90s by digital innovations. As we move further into the digital era, it has become painfully obvious that outdated fax machine hardware is just not up to the task. The technology has many faults and flaws that stop it from supporting modern work environments. From issues with data protection compliance and dangerous security flaws, to simple cost-efficiency concerns and a lack of versatility when it comes to enabling better workflow, there are plenty of reasons the fax machine is becoming obsolete.

In order to ensure the data we send you is secure, we are “axing the fax” and moving to a digital platform only for result transmission. For the majority of you, this will simply mean we remove the fax option (if selected) for laboratory reports and just continue with emailed PDF and/or txt files. 

So, If you’ve already axed your fax, great! If you still receive laboratory results via fax, you will be contacted in the near future by your local laboratory staff to ensure you are able to  receive results solely via email instead. 

Note: From the end of August, please send any communications e.g. submission forms, consumable order forms, clinical histories etc. to us via email and NOT via fax, as we will also be unable to receive incoming faxes.  Individual laboratory email addresses can be found in our price book or on our website.