FE report – 26 March

A lot fewer counts received this week which is to be expected with COVID-19 lock-down preparations taking up a lot of of everyone’s time, not to mention being in lock-down itself. But reporting has gone ahead with the counts we have received. The graph on page 1 of the report may have skewed results due to the significant decrease in spore counts received starting Week 11 (COVID-19 lock-down). Please interpret with caution and check regional data on following pages.

If you’re unable to do the counts yourself, but can collect the samples, all of our laboratories will be operating during the lock-down as we are an essential service, so please just send them to us if you’re able to. Keep tuned to our Facebook page or website for service updates.

Here is a link to the facial eczema report for:

Week:  11
Date:   26 March 2020

Note: Zero counts will not register on the regional graphs, but have been included in the overall data.

Thank you very much to everyone who submitted spore counts for this report.  All weekly reports can also be found on our website using the quick link under “VET INFO” in the middle of our homepage.