Facial eczema, the hidden danger

For every clinical case of facial eczema you see, there will be at least ten sub-clinically affected animals. Infected stock will fail to thrive, have reduced milk production, poor fertility, lose weight and possibly die.

It’s what you don’t see that you should be worried about.

We offer a range of cost effective solutions to assist with monitoring facial eczema (FE) risk, minimise incidence of the disease, check your management programme is working and assess the damage caused by sporidesmin ingestion.

A national FE spore count monitoring service is coordinated by Gribbles Veterinary during the summer. The start date for 2020 is yet to be confirmed, but if you or your local farmers perform spore counts, contact us to find out how you can be involved and keep up to date.

Testing options available include:

  • FE Check panel (10x serum GGT and zinc)
  • Spore counts (pasture and faeces)
  • Individual GGT and zinc testing

See full details of how you can keep on top of facial eczema in the article and information sheet located on our website.