eResults upgraded!

eResults is our very popular free online results service, that enables you to access all your laboratory results at any time day or night on a device of your choosing. This month we are rolling out a new upgraded version of this programme.

The new eResults platform (available from Monday September 21) has increased data security, to ensure that data is secure at all times. 

So are there any changes?

eResults will no longer be available as an app, but will be available from 21 September as a new mobile-friendly website. You can simply save it as a favourite on your  PC or add an icon to your home screen on your phone or mobile device, just like an app (see photo right).

Changing to a website based service allows us to easily make changes and improvements, install updates and going forward we can expand eResults to include more exciting tools!  The new platform will also allow for clinics to administrate their own staff profiles – so will be able to amend which results each veterinarian at your clinic has access too, without having to contact Gribbles Veterinary.

I have the old eResults app, what do I need to do?

If you have used eResults in the last year you simply need to reactivate your account by going to https:/ choose ‘forgot my password’ to generate a password for the new platform.

If you haven’t used eResults in the last year you will need to register for a new account, but don’t worry, all your historic results will still available!  Go to https:/ and follow the instructions to sign up.

Can I still use the old app?

The old app has been assessed as a security risk and will be switched off at the end of October 2020.  Feel free to delete the app from your device and create a link to the new website on your home-screen (see below).  You can use the new website from 21 September.

If you are having any issues setting up your new account check out the “How To” information sheets with easy to follow set-up instructions on our website. Please just get in touch with your local laboratory or Territory Manager if you need some help.