ePrice book now available

Our new pricing comes into effect on 1 July 2020.  Electronic copies of our new price book were emailed out in the first week of June to practices all across the country.

In order to reduce our environmental impact, as well as moving with the times, we have decided to be future focussed and send out digital copies of our price book to all clients. A reduced number of printed copies will however be available. 

We realise this is a bit of a change from previous years, but the electronic format for most publications is the direction the world is moving. The electronic PDF file can be saved to your clinic network if you have one or to all computers in your practice, so it is easy to access from everywhere and by everyone. 

Like yourselves, in a laboratory setting it is hard to reduce the amount of waste produced.  So many biologically contaminated consumable items must be destroyed by less than ecologically sound means, so we are looking to make changes where we can.  Reducing the amount of printed copy is an easy one to achieve.

Results are electronic, information is electronic and our price book is the next thing to change.

Some key points to note:

* The table of contents is hyperlinked to the section pages, so simply click on the page number of the section you wish to access and you will be taken directly to it.

* To make updating your practice management software easier, we can also provide you with Excel or CSV versions of our pricing. Please follow the following links to download the required files:

– Companion animal CSV

– Production animal CSV

– Equine CSV

– Excel spreadsheet

Note: ezyVet clients will have their PMS updated centrally so will not need to be done locally.

* Copies of the consumable order form can be downloaded from our website at any time.

* If your clinic has personalised biochemistry panels in place, the price increase on these will be the same as that for routine biochemistry testing (2%).

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown everyone there is an alternative way of working, which is (in many cases) just as effective as how we’ve previously worked, it’s just different.  So we’re going to continue to be “different” where we can, whilst still providing the same excellent service.

We ask that you be mindful of our environment before you ask for a printed copy.