Cumulative trace element reporting

. . . enables you to keep track of seasonal trends

In response to client demand, Gribbles Veterinary is now producing cumulative reports for trace element testing for routine production animal screening (not single or sick animals).

Cumulative reporting can be used to identify seasonal trends within the same year or previous years specific to that farm. This will enable veterinarians to quickly track results for specific farms without having to find previous trace element reports and advise on strategic supplementation. It also provides a more user friendly, visual reference for farmers that can be used to track changes over time and align supplementation with management decisions.

The report will show the individual numerical test results for the current case on the first page of the report as previously reported. The graphs will now show results over the last 5 years for this property for each analyte. Each individual result will be shown as a dot with the mean of that analyte shown numerically.

Groupings for the graphs are age-related and will be in 3 categories:

– Animals less than 1 year old

– 1-2 year old animals

– 2 years old – these animals will be grouped together (includes mixed age and adult).

If age is not specified, the results will not be included in the cumulative reports. Therefore, please supply as many details as possible on future submissions so that you and your farming clients can make the most of this exciting innovation.

Big thanks to our IT department for the work put in to make this project such a success!