COVID-19 & companion animals

The New Zealand Veterinary Association is being guided by regular updates from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association regarding the role of companion animals in the current COVID-19 outbreak. To date, there remains limited evidence that companion animals can be infected with COVID-19, and no evidence that pet dogs or cats present a source of infection to humans or other animals. For the full advisory document, including advice on how to manage animals where COVID-19 infection is known to be present, please visit the WSAVA website by clicking here.

– International advice is that, as a precautionary measure, people sick with COVID-19 should avoid contact with pets and other animals, as they would with people.

– MPI’s position is that currently there is no need for animals to be quarantined. This is based on international advice from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the world organisation for animal health (the OIE).

– However, where there is COVID-19 in a household, we recommend animals are not moved off the property. You can also check for new updates on the CDC’s website.

– Pet owners are reminded to continue to adopt good hygiene habits, including hand washing with soap before and after being around or handling animals, their food, or supplies.