Consumable of the month

Do you order laboratory consumable items from us online or via our order form?  If you need just one blood tube or swab, or enough for a herd, we’ve got you covered.

Our featured consumable item this month are Chill Wrap ice pack sheets.

> These sheets are an ice replacement product using Sodium polyacrylate super absorbent powder in a sheet of polyester film and non-woven fabric. 
> The cells can but cut to whatever configuration you require. 
> When placed in water the sheet absorbs the water into the powder and turns into a harmless gel.
> When frozen, Chill Wrap provides a non-leaking, flexible ice replacement with excellent heat absorption properties.
> They can be purchased via our online store as single sheets (6×2 cells per sheet) or in multi-packs of 10s and 20s.