Consumable of the month

Do you order laboratory consumable items from us online or via our order form?  If you need just one blood tube or swab, or enough for a herd, we’ve got you covered.

Our featured consumable item this month are Gram’s stain reagents.

If you already do staining in-clinic for cytology or haematology, why not take it up a notch and add Gram’ staining too?  Unlike “Diff Quik” which is a stain for cells, Gram’s stain is designed for bacteria. It allows you to see the bacteria more clearly against cellular backgrounds, and more importantly, it provides differentiation between Gram-positive and negative organisms. 

Full instructions are provided in this ’How to’ guide which can be found on our website.

Gram-positive cocci clearly distinguishable from the cells and background staining.

Note: There will be no giveaway on Facebook this month, as sending out prizes would place unnecessary strain on the courier network.