Consumable of the month

Do you order laboratory consumable items from us online or via our order form?  If you need just one blood tube or swab, or enough for a herd, we’ve got you covered.

Our featured consumable item this month is the ever trusty zip-lock biohazard bags.

You will be using these several times every single day. In fact, it’s impossible to submit a sample to us without them!  Biohazard bags play an integral part in the sample safety during transport to the laboratory and ensure samples are sealed up and safe should they leak.

If you aren’t completely clear on how they should be used and why they are required, please check out this ’How to’ guide covering the legal requirements for packaging and shipping biological samples. 

If you would like to be in to win a pack of 50, make sure you stay tuned to our Facebook page and enter the giveaway this month.