Consumable of the month

Do you order laboratory consumable items from us online or via our order form?  If you need just one blood tube or swab, or enough for a herd, we’ve got you covered.

Our featured consumable items in September are Bio-bottles for shipping samples.

Bio-bottles are the recommended container for sending biological samples to the laboratory via commercial courier. All bottles comply with UN specification packaging, are 95 kPa independently tested and approved.  Using a Bio-bottle together with a zip-lock sample bag and your sample container, ensures all sample packaging complies with legal requirements. 

Bio-bottles are available in three different sizes:

> White or blue bottle – 0.85L capacity, with 70mm opening.  Great for small practices or for sending a couple of blood samples.
Orange bottle – 2.5L capacity, with 80mm opening. Better for larger practices, with multiple samples and sample types.
Yellow bottle – 3.0L capacity, with 110mm opening.  Better for larger practices, for larger sample containers or herd sample lots.

The bottles should be labelled with your clinic name to ensure we can return them to you.  Depending on the size of your clinic, it is advisable to have about six containers in circulation, so you have at least one available at the clinic at all times.

If you’re unsure how to correctly package samples, we have a great guide available on our website.  Print out a copy and hang it on the wall where you package your samples, so everyone can see it.

Just in case you didn’t know, New Zealand law requires the shipper (you) to be responsible for the safety of specimens sent via courier. Packages must have three layers of containment and be prepared in such a way that they arrive in good condition and present no hazard to anyone during shipment. Shippers (you) can be fined up to $10,000 for breaches of these regulations. Diagnostic samples are considered a Category B infectious substance and are assigned to UN 3373.

We can’t recommend these highly enough, as we know the samples inside them will be protected from harm and ready to test.  There is nothing worse than opening up a package to find broken and leaking samples.  So save yourself (and your clients) from heartache, and grab yourself a few of these today.  They’re always available in our online shop.

But wait, there’s more . . . . did you know we’re having a monthly giveaway for our consumable of the month? Simply tune in to our Facebook page, hit the LIKE button, and when you spot the post, answer the questions correctly and you could be in to win one of these for your clinic.