Complimentary CPD event 2

Gribbles Veterinary and Lincoln Institute bring you the second in our 2023 series of complimentary virtual learning series for veterinary clinic staff throughout New Zealand. Each online event will combine a punchy and impactful pathology topic with a non-clinical professional mastery topic to compliment the technical content. 

The outcome of this series is to make your job as a practicing veterinarian both a little easier and a lot more fulfilling. To join us simply register below now!

Date and time

Session 2 –  Thursday June 8, 2023 1:00 PM  NZT

What’s Session 2 on June 8 all about?

Expert Gribbles pathologist Kathryn Jenkins is going to step us through “Cytology 101 – The top 5 skin tumours in cats”. Join us as we dive into exploring cytology findings from some of the more common feline skin tumours seen in practice.

Kathryn’s presentation will be backed-up by Lincoln Institute’s Gary Turnbull who will be sharing some essential non-clinical professional mastery fundamentals. In this session Gary has some great “hacks” to share that will be sure to make your experience as a practicing veterinarian a more positive one… “Too busy for diagnostics? How to avoid overwhelm and master your time amongst the chaos of busy practice!”

In a recent survey, 9 out of 10 veterinarians confirmed they do NOT have sufficient time in the working day to do their job to their satisfaction AND enjoy an appropriate lunch break, AND leave work on time. Time pressure is a significant source of anxiety for consulting veterinarians and increases the risk of chronic stress, fatigue and burn-out. In this presentation, Dr Gary Turnbull will share 3 simple strategies that can be rapidly implemented to claw back significant amounts of time each day and leave veterinarians feeling a sense of control in their working life.

We look forward to welcoming you to this event that will run for 1 hour, please register below and be sure to mention this to your friends and colleagues that might like to join us too.

Future events:

> July 18 – Sandy Weltan – “The coughing horse” (online)
> August 10 – Alice Fraser – Production animal topic TBA (online)
> October 4-5 – Auckland – Leadership training event for New Zealand veterinary practice owners and managers – venue to be advised.