Changes in our price book

As well as pricing changes this year, we have added a significant number of tests and removed one.

Most of the tests added in to our price book are not often requested, but we’ve aimed to provide you with a better overview of the services we can offer.  Note, many of these tests are marked as “price on application” as they may be referred overseas.

The one test that has been removed is the ‘white cell count and diff’. We recommend using the ‘smear examination’, as it includes a differential plus cell morphology. The smear examination provides much better diagnostic information as cell morphology is one of the key reasons blood smears should always be examined.

The WBC + diff option will be removed from our submission forms at the next reprint, but in the mean-time, any requests for it will automatically be changed to a smear examination.

Errata: There are a couple of pricing errors in the equine section, the correct pricing (ex. GST) is as follows:

> Equine Training Profile $95.47
> Sick Equine Profile $113.81

As always, if you are interested in tests that do not appear in our price book, please just give your local laboratory a call to discuss options.