BVD testing options

BVD testing options

Gribbles Veterinary offers a variety of BVD testing options to suit every situation.

Three basic tests are available:

  • PCR and antigen ELISA to detect virus
  • Antibody ELISA to detect immune response to infection

An array of applications exist depending on age, physiological status, sample type and infection status. For economical investigation of herd BVD status, pooled testing options have been developed and refined.

Recommended sample and test types:

Fetus Conception – 40 days
40-120 days gestation Y
150 days – birth Y
Calf<35 daysYY
35 days – 10 monthsYYY
Adult >10 months YYYYY
Suitable samples EDTA, semen, fetal fluids, spleen, serumSerumSerumSerum, milk, ear notchSerum

Bulk milk testing packages

Gribbles Veterinary offers bulk milk testing packages to make screening dairy herds for BVD efficient and simple – see details overleaf. If the previous season BVD bulk milk testing results and vaccination history are known, then this information can be used to tailor a BVD testing programme.

Our Herd Guardian bulk milk BVD packages are:

  • Tested on samples sourced directly from dairy factory or farmer / veterinarian supplied samples
  • Cumulative reporting available – graphed results showing trends over seasons
  • Varied – 4 packages available to suit most situations
  • Easy to sign up – simply send in a submission form with the farmer’s details and we will do the rest!
  • Optional extras available – β-casein / liver fluke / Ostertagia ELISA testing is easy to add on.