BVD testing in calves

BVD testing in calves

For calves <35 days old, use the ‘Econo-calf screen’ for cost effective and practical BVD testing. The calf sera is pooled and tested by PCR.

  • If the result is negative – all calves in the pool are free of virus
  • If the result is positive – one or more calves in the pool are carrying virus.

Where a positive result* is reported, veterinarians will have two options:

  • Retest the positive pools individually
  • Collect another blood sample in four weeks’ time and retest.

* Veterinarians will need to contact the laboratory once a positive result is returned in order to indicate if they would like additional testing. Individual PCR tests are undertaken on the original sample for an additional charge.

Note: For calves >35 days old pooled ear notch PCR testing is also available.

Options for testing groups of calves (< 35 days old) for BVD

(1) Each calf is tested individually by PCR (extra fees apply).
(2) Collect another sample 4 weeks later (when all the calves are over 35 days old) and retest pooled sample (serum or ear notch) by PCR (extra fees apply). If the pool is positive again, each calf in the pool will be tested by ELISA (FREE of charge) to identify viraemic calves. Viraemic calves can be culled or re-tested in a month’s time to determine if they are PI or TI.

For pricing, please refer to our current price book. If you have any questions or require any further information, please just contact your local laboratory or Territory Manager.