BVD testing made simple

BVD testing doesn’t have to be complicated. We have recently simplified our BVD testing options and updated the tests for various ages groups ensuring all details are up to date with the latest guidelines. Calves <35 days old Calf screening in dairy herds aims to identify and remove persistently infected (PI) animals before they can […]

Spring trace element testing

Now that spring has sprung we thought it a timely to remind you of the recommended trace element panels in our current price book. The suggested panels are examples of appropriate analytes for assessing what is happening in the dairy herd. Testing for trace element status is an important part of mineral supplementation plans on […]

Case of the month

Clinical history: A one year-old, female horse presented with weight loss and diarrhoea.  She was euthanased, but was one of four horses that had died in the last 2 months on the same property (with a history of Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and Coronavirus on the farm). On post mortem examination pinpoint lesions were observed on the […]

eResults upgraded!

eResults is our very popular free online results service, that enables you to access all your laboratory results at any time day or night on a device of your choosing. This month we are rolling out a new upgraded version of this programme. The new eResults platform (available from Monday September 21) has increased data […]

What’s out there?

Below is a summary of recent interesting and common findings from around our network of laboratories. Did you know . . . all diagnostic cases that come through our doors are coded with regard to clinical history and diagnostic findings?  This data is sorted by region and submitted to MPI as part of their national […]

Have you requested the right T4 test?

There’s nothing worse than getting a test result for something you didn’t realise you’d asked for! So let’s ‘check’ our T4’s . . . Frequently we get requests for Free-T4 on submission forms and find out after the results have been issued that a Total-T4 was the test required. In order to minimise the risk […]


During this heightened period of alertness, our laboratories are all continuing to operate ‘business as usual’. We will keep you updated if there any changes to our service. Stay safe no matter where you are.


· Axing the fax—Just a reminder that as of the end of August, we will no longer be able to send or receive faxes.  If you still receive laboratory results via fax, you will be contacted by your local laboratory staff to ensure you are able to receive results solely via email instead.  · Apologies to anyone […]

When neutrophils are faking it

KATHRYN JENKINS When performing in-house haematology, or requesting a CBC from a reference lab, preparing a fresh blood film is important to help correctly identify an inflammatory response, and provides valuable prognostic information. A recent study demonstrated the startling artefactual changes that occur to neutrophil morphology with prolonged sample storage. The appearance of cytoplasmic Döhle […]

Off-shore testing issues

There are several tests we offer that are not available in New Zealand and we must refer overseas for testing. All things being equal, the export of samples and receipt of results has been honed to a smooth operation.  However, as we all know, life in the time of COVID has left many things far […]