Beefing up security

Email is a critical tool in how we all run our businesses. Having confidence the email you send or receive is in fact legitimate, and not someone trying to hack into the computer or trick one of us into paying a fake invoice, is a good thing.

Our IT team have been reviewing the options for improving confidence in emails and have identified that turning on a security setting called TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a cost effective and easy way to achieve this.

TLS offers encryption technology for your message while it is “in transit” from one secure email server to another. That is, TLS helps prevent hacking or eavesdropping on email as it is carried between email servers that have enabled TLS protections for email.

We will be activating our TLS on September 1. Once we activate our TLS we will not be able to receive emails from companies that do not also have it activated. To ensure you will continue to receive results and communications from us via email, please turn on your TLS as well. Turning on TLS is done on the email server by your IT team.