Loose samples

Just a reminder that plastic bags or gloves are NOT suitable sample containers when used on their own. All samples MUST be packaged according to the Land Transport regulations when sending via commercial courier – this a legal requirement.  You, the shipper are liable for any fines should there be issues.  Three packaging layers are required: 1) Leak proof sample […]


Cumulative trace element reporting – have you noticed the change to your TE reports? Are you liking it?  Please feel free to let us know your feedback: karen.cooper@gribbles.co.nz Acorn toxicity in calves – this article from last month had nearly 13,000 hits on our Facebook page! Several followers asked if similar issues could occur in sheep, horses and dogs.  […]

Mammary masses in dogs

MIKE HARDCASTLE We commonly receive large mammary gland biopsies or mammary strips from dogs with a history suggesting that the samples contain one or more masses.  This region of the canine anatomy unfortunately seems prone to contraction during formalin fixation. The contraction of the biopsy or strip makes the entire tissue firm and can prevent […]

Case of the month

JULIE TOMLINSON Clinical history: An 18-month old female domestic shorthair cat presented with a bloated abdomen and voluminous mucoid malodorous diarrhoea.  Laboratory results: CBC revealed a low-normal haematocrit and a marked inflammatory leukogram (see Table 1).  On examination of the blood film, the majority of red cells (approximately 99%) were found to contain Heinz bodies […]