And that was ’21


Another interesting and somewhat challenging year is coming to an end and we would like to thank you for your wonderful support throughout.

Learning and continuing to work in different alert levels (or different colours) has been part of our daily lives again this year. Achieving this and still providing critical services, shows how dedicated and passionate the people who work in this industry are.

One of the factors that makes providing our services so satisfying, is the rapport we build with our clients. This rapport encourages feedback, which in turn helps steer our improvements and innovations. The feedback from so many of you has resulted in a number of projects leading to improvements in our operational excellence, bringing us closer to you, our clients.

We have a number of ongoing innovative projects and we look forward to the benefits they will bring in 2022. Many of our innovations completed over the past 12 months include the introduction of new technology allowing us to provide additional or improved services, better turnaround times and improvements to our workflows.

Our core focus remains providing quality services that lead to quality patient outcomes. Our highly skilled team of pathologists, scientists and technicians, plus the management team continue to focus on areas that will deliver on this and ensure we’re able to provide you with the best possible standard of service.

December and January are always very busy months, so enjoy the rest of 2021, have a safe and festive holiday season, and we look forward to working with you again next year.