A stellar team of pathologists!

At Gribbles Veterinary, our outstanding team of pathologists is one of our greatest strengths. Over the past few months we have been featuring one pathologists in each issue of this newsletter. In response to client feedback, we are going to feature them all in this issue to enable you to see the team as a whole.

The Gribbles Veterinary network currently employs fifteen highly experienced veterinary pathologists based throughout New Zealand. Between them they have around 300 years experience in veterinary pathology!

Many are American College of Veterinary Pathology board-certified and several are Registered Specialists in veterinary pathology. This fabulous team works collaboratively to provide practitioners with expert advice, diagnostic interpretation and consultation in order to help veterinarians give the very best care for their patients and clients.
So no matter where you are in New Zealand, there is always someone “local”, who fully understands New Zealand conditions and diseases to look after you.

(AU = Auckland; HA = Hamilton; PN = Palmerston North; CH = Christchurch; DU = Dunedin)

PathologistLabSpecial Interests
Amy WeedenAUClinical pathology
Cathy HarveyAUHistopathology, cytology, wildlife and zoo animal pathology
Julie TomlinsonAUCompanion animal clinical pathology and medicine
Lisa Hulme-Moir AUCompanion and production animal clinical pathology, POC testing, equine endocrinology
Michael HardcastleAUHistopathology, immunohistochemistry and dermatopathology
Jenni DonaldHAClinical pathology, cytology in companion animal and equine medicine
Bernie VaatstraPNHistopathology, production animal diseases, companion animal surgical pathology, cytology
Geoff Orbell PNHistopathology, dermatopathology, oncologic-pathology and production animal pathology
Hania Klobukowska PNHistopathology, small and large animal pathology, oncology
Janice Thompson PNClinical pathology, haematology, clinical biochemistry, cytopathology and endocrinology
Kathryn Jenkins PNClinical pathology, haematology and cytology of cats, dogs, small mammals, birds and exotic species
Karen Bailey CHClinical pathology, microbiology
Rebecca Allan CHClinical pathology, small animal haematology and cytology
Rob FairleyCHHistopathology, dermatopathology, porcine and production animal pathology
John Gill DUHistopathology, clinical pathology, diseases of farmed animals, fish and wildlife