A couple of things …


We pride ourselves on attention to detail, getting the job done right and providing you with the best information in our reports as possible.  In order to do this, we do however need help from you guys as we can’t be in your clinics to see every case.  So here are a couple of requests from our team of pathologists.

Digital images and photographs

Please send us digital images of radiographs and any clinical photos of cases at the time of sample submission.  These significantly improve the diagnostic accuracy and clinical relevance to enable us to provide the best possible information for you and your client. This is especially true for cytology or histopathology of all bone lesions.

You can send hard copies of pictures with your submission form or email photos / images to your local laboratory—labtown.vetlab@gribbles.co.nz

Tissues requiring dissection for histology

Submission of large fresh tissues for histopathology that require dissection and fixation prior to histopathology (e.g. entire leg amputations, abortions, heads for brain removal), will incur necropsy and disposal fees based on the necropsy rates in our price list (in addition to the histology fee).

Sending radiographs and full history is very important in leg amputations with tumours that require dissection of the regional lymph node and the bone lesion, as the location of the tumour is not always externally obvious.

Please also let us know if there are any surgical implants in the amputated limb, as these take additional time due to the increased difficulty with dissection.